Save money, automate and better understand your finacials

Track all your money and connect to any finacial site in the world

Geltbox will make it possible for you to better check your financial situation any time. With automatic download of any financial website, easy file import, and simple transaction input you will always have all your numbers updated securely in your computer. Colorful trend graphs labels will help you identify overspending. And this is only the beginning...

You can teach Geltbox how to auto-download your financial data from any website such as banks, credit cards and investments sites, directly to your computer where your data is stored strongly encrypted. Geltbox is a great tool to aggregate all your accounts without giving away your privacy and saving you time. Users wrote us they love Geltbox's overview of all their money over their bank's.




User reviews about Geltbox

  • eyaleden

    by eyaleden

    "Extraordinary Money Review Program"

    Geltbox overview is an excellent money overview program for getting all your financial data monitored and analyzed, i...   More.

  • Earl123456

    by Earl123456

    "Great program! "

    I love Geltbox! Saves me hours of tedious excel. I can see the whole picture of my money in a very easy to understand...   More.